Dragon Magick Oil…

Dragon Magick In Sumerian myth, the body of a dragon was used to create the world. Oils are traditionally used to aid in uncrossing, overcoming hexes or whenever the power of a dragon is needed.

Magickal Oils work through vibrations and scent. The rate of vibration of an oil determines its usage in magick. Scents are connected on a primal level to the unconscious, in Dragons as well as Humans. This sense of smell reacts without your conscious knowledge or will. Tied to memory, scent can bring pleasure, alert one to danger, cause revulsion, and affect health. Every odor that
you perceive causes a chemical reaction in the brain, triggering instincts rather than conscious actions. This is why oils and incense have a prominent place in most magickal operations:
They automatically activate responses, bypassing the reasoning self.

Dragon Guardians and Guides:
Dragons are famous for their fierce protective nature. Though most myths portray Dragons as protectors of great treasures, they have been known to be protectors of people too.
The Dragon serves as a Powerful Guardian and Guide. Once you discover your Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide you should encourage communication, and acknowledge your Dragon’s presence as often as possible, the same as you would with an Animal Spirit Guide or even a Guardian Angel. You will need to let you Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide know that you are now open and willing to listen to any guidance, advice or teaching they wish to impart to you.

One way to do this is to meditate and concentrate upon your Guardian/Guide. Light candles and incense for them, and leave offerings for them upon your altar. Designing a special altar just for your Guardian/Guide is a good idea, a place where you can concentrate your energies towards the Guardian.

Many magick practitioners will surround themselves with imagery of their Guardian/Guide, immersing themselves externally in the energies of the Guardian/Guide. This will help you to draw the Guardian/Guide to you, and will assist you in achieving your connection.
As with any Guardian/Guide, finding your Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide is not the problem. Most likely they are already around you, and in fact may have attempted contact with you in the past. This happens with many different types of Guardians and Guides, we fail to recognize the messages that they are sending us. If this is the case, contact should be easy to obtain once you have let the Dragon know you are ready & willing to connect with them. 

One thing you must remember though, is when you do feel a Dragon in your house it does not mean that it’s “your”Dragon. Sometimes it can take years for a Dragon to decide to be someone’s Guardian/Guide, so just because there is one in your house or one that’s been following you for years, unless he/she tells you otherwise, don’t jump to conclusions and think that you have a Guardian Dragon or a Dragon Guide, it could be there for reason’s of it’s own… Sometimes though, a person can live their entire lives with a Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide and never know it…

(Just a note: I have been combining Guardian Dragon & Dragon Guide, but I don’t want to give the impression that they are the same thing. These are two completely different Dragons, who perform completely different tasks, the way that you find them & connect with them, however, is the same.)Wicca Dreamers: Dragon Wiccahttp://330531682655333130.weebly.com/

Salem’s Moon uses a combination of Opium, Allspice, Cinnamon and Amber essential oils to create our Dragon Magick Oil.  A powerful, but strangely compelling sweet scent in which the spices of Opium, Allspice, Cinnamon and Amber combine to create a powerful drawing aroma sure to attract a powerful dragon to your side.

Properties of the essential oils used in our Dragon Magick Oil

Opium– Invisibility, Luck, Money, Visionary Workings.

Allspice – Money, luck, healing, obtaining treasure. Provides added determination and energy to any spells and charms.

Cinnamon – Raises spiritual and protective vibrations, draws money, and stimulate psychic powers..

Amber – Protection from harm, outside influences, and psychic attacks.

Our hand-blended essential oils can be worn, used in an oil diffuser or used to anoint candles, etc.