449px-Hyssopus_officinalis_001Hyssop is a hearty perennial shrub in the mint family that has a spiky, upright habit and narrow tongue-like leaves.

Soil – Hyssop prefers a well drained, even dry, soil.  You can amend soil with organic matter. Sow seeds just beneath the surface, approximately ¼-inch deep.  Germination generally takes between 14 and 21 days, but can take as long as a month, so be patient. Hyssop will grow in a wide pH range between 5.0 (strongly acidic) and 8.0 (alkaline) with an ideal range between 6.5 and 7.0.

Container – When choosing a container for your Hyssop make sure the pot is deep enough to accommodate a large root system. A clay container works well as it aids in keeping the roots dry by allowingimage water to wick away naturally.

Light Requirements – Hyssop loves hot, strong sunlight and plenty of it.

Starting by Nursery Seedling –  Hyssop may be started from seed, but is best grown by starting with a plant obtained from a reputable nursery.

Watering – Water regularly, being careful not to overwater. Allow soil to go completely dry between watering, then soak thoroughly. Tolerates dry conditions well.

Lore – Hyssop was a holy herb of the ancient Greeks, used to cleanse sacred spaces. It is the most widely used purification herb in magic. Use in purification baths and rituals, and used to cleanse persons and objects. Add to sachets hung in the home to achieve the same purpose and remove negativity. Hyssop can be burned in incense, worn, used in decorations, and added to the chalice. Use a bunch to ritually "sweep" the altar as a preparation for a ceremonial rite.

Plant hyssop in pots outside your doorways, and keep negative energy from coming into the house.

You can also place Hyssop under your pillow to encourage prophetic dreams.

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