Danu – Celtic Mother Goddess

image Danu is commonly considered the first Great Mother Goddess of Ireland. She is the Divine Creator aspect of the Goddess who birthed all things into being.  She is an Earth Goddess, associated with fertility, growth, plenty, abundance, agriculture, cultivation and with nurturing of the land. She was also the goddess of rivers, water wells, prosperity, wisdom and magick. The Danube and the Don Rivers are both thought to have been named after her.

Danu is considered the most ancient of all Celtic Deities.  Her name means knowledge, wisdom, teacher, wealth and abundance.  She is also known as Dana and in her Welsh personification, Don.

Danu is considered a Triple Goddess, which means she is able to take the form of the Maiden, the Mother or the Crone.

Danu’s influence was so powerful that her worship spread widely, not only throughout the British Isles, but throughout most of Europe as well. Some references have her as so ancient that she is both goddess and god and refer to Danu as an all-encompassing Divine Source.

Rivers, flowing water and the sea belong to Danu.  Within this water form she wields the magic of Divine Flow.  Danu, as River Goddess offers to clear stagnant energy and to remove blockages so that our efforts easily flow into fruition.  As the river eventually flows into the sea, here Danu brings motivation to move within the  direction of our dreams.

danu-celtic-goddess-CU-top-BZ-MDANWithin all her forms Danu brings the reminder that the power to create the life that we desire resides within us.  She reminds us that we are innately attuned with the wisdom of our Ascended Self, and through the integrity of our Divine Essential Self our power is always aligned with Purity of Purpose. Danu is dedicated to our realizing our greatest dreams, she is motivating, encouraging and always promotes the awareness that the power to achieve anything, resides within us.

Some of Danu’s symbols include holy stones, horses – particularly mares, seagulls, fish, amber, gold, rivers, sea, flowing water, air, wind, earth, moon, keys and crowns.

To speak of Danu is to speak of the Tuatha Dé Danann ( the People of the Goddess Danu). The Tuatha Dé Danann were one of the mythical races who settled in Ireland before the arrival of the Milesians, the ancestors of modern Gaels. The Dananns were descendants of the goddess Danu. Her son Dagda was their most powerful leader of the Dananns. The fairy moundTuatha Dé Dananns were a race of deities as well as race of heroes. They were skilled in art and science, poetry and magic. It is said that after the arrival of the Milesians the Tuatha Dé Danann retreated to Tir na n-Og ( the Land of Forever Young). other stories say that they continued to live amongst humans, but are shielded from the eyes of mortals. Their homes were commonly called Sidhe (síd or sídh) ( the Otherworld) and that they became known as the "People of the Sídhe". Some say they became the “Fairy People.” They are believed to inhabit mounds known as sidhe, which exist throughout the Irish countryside. Danu will act as a Divine Ambassador to the Elemental Kingdoms, providing platforms for positive interactions with the Leprechauns and the Fairy Folk.  

To learn more about the Tuatha De Danaan visit – http://youtu.be/JHO047ud98E

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