witchheartThere are several ancient stories and customs associated with Lupercalia, One story tells of the she-wolf that suckled the twins Romulus and Remus, upon whom the city of Rome was founded. Another story tells of the mischievousness Pan and rites of fertility. Still another story proceeds as follows:

valentine swallow

“Long before St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers, a festival was held in ancient Rome during February in honour of the great god Pan. The festival was called Lupercalia, and one of its customs was for the names of young men and women to be shaken in a box and then drawn lottery fashion to choose token sweethearts. It happened that in the 3rd Century the Bishop Valentine of Rome was martyred on the eve of the feast of Lupercalia…The element of chance and the theme of love remain, as a Valentine is still known as an anonymous declaration of affection usually sent in card form. Flowers, red heart shapes, lace and birds are the images of the festival, the latter because of an old belief that birds also chose their mates on this day for spring nesting.”

(Taken from: Festivals, Family and Food by Diana Carey and Judy Large)

Happy Valentine’s Day – Blessed Be

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