Getting Ready for SAMHAIN

The Dark Times of the Seasons coming are the time of the great triple Goddess Hekate!



I am the Queen of Magick, hidden in the deepest night.
I am the mystery of the other world and the fear that coils
about your heart in the times of your trial. I am the soul of
nature that gives form to the Universe.
My torches light the way for enlightenment and illumination.
My sickle of death cuts away things that are dead & no longer needed
It is I who awaits you at the end of your spiral dance.
I am She who has no secrets but a thousand secrets.
I am the aged Old Crone of Darkness whose face of death
portends life anew and filled with Luna’s secrets.
All acts of magick and mysteries are my rituals and
My greatest ritual is love itself.


At Samhain (Oct. 31st), the Wicca say farewell to the God.  This is a temporary farewell.  He isn’t wrapped in eternal darkness, but readies to be reborn of the Goddess at Yule.

Samhain, also known as November Eve, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples, Hallows and All Hallows, once marked the time of sacrifices.  In some places this was the tyime when animals were slaughtered to ensure food throughout the depths of winter.  The God – identified with the animals – fell as well to ensure our continuing existence.


Samhain is a time of reflection, of looking back over the last year, of coming to terms with the one phenomenon of life over which we have no control – death.

Halloween incense

The Wicca fell that on this night the separation between the physical and spiritual realities is thin. Wiccans remember their ancestors and all those who have gone before.

After Samhain, Wiccans celebrate Yule, and so the wheel of the year is complete.

Surely there are mysteries buried here. Why is the God the son, and then the lover of the Goddess? This isn’t incest, this is symbolism.  In this agricultural store (one of many Wiccan myths) the ever changing fertility of the earth is represented by the Goddess and God.  This myth speaks of the mysteries of birth,death and rebirth.  It celebrates the wondrous aspects and beautiful effects of love, and honors women who perpetuate our species.  it also points out the very real dependence that humans have on the earth, the sun, and the moon and all of the effects of the season in our daily lives.


To agricultural peoples, the major thrust of this myth cycle is the production of food through the interplay between the Goddess and God.  Food- without which we would all die – is intimately connected to the deities.  Indeed, Wiccans see food as yet another manifestation of divine energy.

And so, by observing the sabbats, Wiccans attune themselves to the earth and to the deities.  They reaffirm their earth roots.  Performing rituals on the nights of the full moon also strengthens their connections with the Goddess in particular.

It is the wise Wiccan who celebrates on the sabbats and esbats, for these are time of real as well as symbolic power.  Honoring them in some fashion- perhaps with rites is an integral part of Wicca.

halloween pumpkins


2 parts Frankincense

1 part Myrhh

1 part Allspice

1 drop Clove

From: WICCA: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham


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