Working Candle Magic…

candle-magic-class One of the simplest forms of magic that comes under the heading of natural magic is candle burning. It is simple because it employs little ritual and few ceremonial artifacts. The theatrical props of candle magic can be purchased at any department store and its rituals can be practiced indoors and out.

Most of us have performed our first act of candle magic by the time we are two years old. Blowing out the tiny candles on our first birthday cake and making a wish is pure magic. This childhood custom is based on the three magical principals of concentration, will power and visualization. In simple terms, the child who wants his wish to come true has to concentrate (blow out the candles), visualize the end result (make a wish) and hope that it will come true( will power).

The candles you use for any type of magical use should be virgin, that is unused. Under no circumstances use a candle which has already adorned a dinner table or been used as a bedroom candle or night-light. Vibrations picked up by secondhand materials or equipment may disturb your workings and negate their effectiveness.

Many types of candles are used in candle magick. Which candle you choose depends partly Prosperity upon the time you can devote to the spell. The following a but a few choices.

4″ Household Candles  – Burns for 3 hours, approx.

5” Coach Candle – Burns for 3 hours, approx.

50 hour Glass Candle – Burns for 50 hours

7 – Day Candle  – Burns for 7 days, approx. (Shown on right is a Salem’s Moon- Money Drawing –  7-Day Spell Candle)

Some people prefer to make their own candles for ritual and magical use. This is a very practical exercise because not only does it impregnate the candle with your own personal vibrations, but the mere act of making your own candle is magically potent. You can find molds, wax and other candle making equipment at hobby shops and even your local grocery store.

Money Drawing Once you have purchased or made your ritual candle it has to be oiled or ‘dressed’ before burning.  Candles should be dressed with the magickal oil appropriate to the spell to be cast. For instance when casting a Money Drawing Spell use Money Drawing Oil. The purpose of dressing the candle is to establish a psychic link between it and the magician through a primal sensory experience. By physically touching the candle during the dressing procedure, you are charging it with our own personal vibrations and also concentrating the desire of your magical act into the wax.

The candle should be dressed, with the appropriate anointing oil, from the center out toward each end. Hold the candle and rub it with oil from the center out to either end. All the time you are anointing the candle, concentrate on the person the candle represents or the purpose of the candle.

alphabet The simples form of candle magic is to write the objective of your ritual on a virgin piece of paper. You can use color paper which matches the candle. You may choose to write your petition using a magickal alphabet such as Theban, Enochian, Malachim, etc.

As you write down what you want to accomplish through candle magic– a new job, healing for a friend, a change of residence, a new love affair, etc.– visualize your dream coming true. Visualize the circumstances under which you might be offered a new job, imagine your employer telling you that your salary has been increased or conjure up a vision of your perfect love partner.

When you have completed writing down your petition, carefully fold up the paper, concentrating on your desire. Place the end of the folded paper in the candle flame and set light to it. As you do this concentrate once more on what you want from life.

When you have completed your ritual, allow the candle to burn down completely. You do not need to stay with the candle after the ritual, but make sure that is safe and that red-hot wax will not cause damage or fire. Never re-use a candle which has been lit in any magical ritual. IT should only be used in that ritual and then allowed to burn away or be disposed of afterwards. If you must extinguish the candle use a candle snuffer etc.  Each time you re-light the candle you need to go through the original step of concentrating on your desire. You do not need to re-write the intention.