Salem’s Moon will be at the 1st Annual Festival of Witches in Sleepy Hollow…

Get ready for Samhain at…

The 1st Annual Sleepy Hollow Festival of Witches

Psychic Fair & New Age Bazaar

October 26 from 1 PM to 6 PM

at the Sheraton Hotel Tarrytown – 600 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591

IMG_0089   IMG_0090

We will be selling all your favorite Salem’s Moon products…including our Handcrafted Magickal Oils, Incense, Spell Kits, Bath Salts, Shea Butters, Floral Crowns, Adult & Children’s Wands. Plus – our brand new Wyscan Candel Kits, Terracotta Oil Diffusers and Unscented Incense Sticks.
In addition to our own unique products, we will also have a selection of Jewelry, Gemstones, Books, Tarot Cards, Cauldrons, Candles, Offering Bowls… and more!

fairy magic oil love attraction incense passionate lovers spell kit wreath wand child wand

“Come to Where the Legends Live On…

PictureThe names of the famous and the infamous, both historic and legendary, have left their mark on this quiet Hudson River village 25 miles north of Manhattan. Defying the passage of time, this magical area has managed to preserve much of the history and natural beauty which have always drawn people to it. In addition to its great history and fabulous legends,Sleepy Hollow continues to hold its most famous legend of all: The tale of the headless horseman.

But what many do not know, is that the legend of Hulda the Witch, a Sleepy Hollow character, is a character you won’t find in Legend.

Hulda was a real person, an immigrant from Bohemia. She displayed suspicious witch-like behavior by living alone in a cabin in the woods and gathering herbs to make remedies. But she seemed like a perfectly nice lady: when people in town fell ill, she would leave them baskets of her potions and pastes to try to help the healing. People were scared of her anyway, though.

However, she became something of a town hero when the British invaded. A group of British soldiers were marching on Albany Post Road, so she and some fellow citizens stopped in their tracks to discourage them from coming any closer. She was a crack shot, I guess, and was able to kill several soldiers before they took her down.

People weren’t sure if they should bury her in the Christian Old Dutch Burying Ground, since she was a “witch” and all. When they visited her cabin, they found a will that left all of her assets to women who were war widows. This may have been the deciding factor in the great burial dilemma ““ the townspeople declared that she was a patriot who died fighting for her community and buried her in the cemetery. Her grave is unmarked, however.

And so, the Witches of Sleepy Hollow have begun a tradition to celebrate and commemorate her life and legacy with the first annual “Festival of Witches” events throughout the month of October within and throughout the village of Sleepy Hollow. Come to Sleepy Hollow, where the legends are alive and the festivities are lively.

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