New This Month…

New this month ~ Now Available on our Square Store Site!

 Wȳscan Candel Kits – $15.95

These kits include 1- 7-Day Pull-out Candle, stencil, glitters and essential oil. Everything you need to create the wish candle of your choice.

Abundance Earth Mother Love Passion Peace & Protection

Prosperity Quiet Strength Solar Blast Success Wisdom

New Terracotta Oil Diffusers – $6.95

These Terracotta Oil Diffusers can be worn or displayed to add scent to any environment. Comes with 1 diffuser, 29” leather cord, Q-tips and instructions.


Autumn Floral Crowns – $20.00

Each of our floral crowns is unique. They are made by hand using silk flowers and raffia covered wire. Each crown comes in a re-sealable plastic bag and is well packaged for maximum protection during shipping.

Our crowns measure between 18 and 22 inches in circumference.

We will be adding more crowns as soon as they are completed…check our product pages for new crowns…

Watch for our Yule Crowns coming in November!

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