A Spell is a Wish Your Heart Makes…

__12_-_ITALY_-_birthday_cake_with_candles_3 As a child my mother would put candles on my birthday cake, light them and tell me to make a wish. It was taboo to tell anyone what you wished for or the wish would not be granted. What powerful magic that was; surrounded by family and friends and making a wish. And we believed, all of us, that it would come true – if it was possible – so mote it be.

I grew up Catholic and so it was not unusual to me to go into a church, light a candle and say a prayer. Depending on the request I would light candles to Mother Mary, Jesus, St. Anthony etc. Before I lit the candle I would think about my request and then I would implore the chosen saint to hear my prayer and to grant it if possible – so mote it be.

I often get asked do I really believe spells work? My answer is yes. Yes, to the birthday candles on the cake. Yes, to the candles I light in church. Yes, to the candles I light asking for peace, protection, love, prosperity, good health and more within my wiccan salt circle. And always…if it is possible – so mote it be.

lighted-candles-on-the-river-photography-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-9899 When doing “candle magic” it is important to remember that it is the belief with which you ask, the acceptance that all be as it is meant to be and the reverence with which the request is made to whatever higher power whose aid you are invoking that are important.

Could you make a wish without a candle? Of course you could. But, really what candle magic does is focus your attention and hopefully the attention of the divinity on your request. The world is a busy, chaotic place. It is often difficult to take time to make a proper wish, request, prayer, spell. Working candle magic takes time and concentration and that is the beauty of it, for while you are working on your intention the outside world gets a bit quieter and the inner world of spirit can speak and be heard.

Candle Carving –

Often a sigil is carved into the candle top or side. A sigil is a symbol used in f554bf5b25367d2b4fa74afb5a942382magic. In modern usage it refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome. A sigil can be a mandala, a veve and even words carved into the candle. (It can even be a doodle that comes to you while you are sitting and thinking of your wish.)Carving the sigil into the candle helps to focus your concentration on your intended outcome. After the sigil is carved the candle is then anointed with the essential oil appropriate to the request. An example would be to use Money Drawing Oil for a Prosperity candle. Sometimes the candle is then hand glittered to bring out the design. All of this takes time, energy and concentration – components essential in good spell casting or wish making.

Candle Painting –

A sigil can also be painted onto the candle. You can do this free hand or by using a stencil you have created prior to beginning your work. The same power of concentration will apply when painting your sigil.

hand-colored-candles-christmas-craft-step2-photo-150-FF0106GIFTSA04 Before you begin to paint the candle be sure to dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth and wipe down the candle thoroughly to remove some of the oils and sheen from the surface. This process makes it easier for paint to adhere to the wax. 

Combine equal portions of *candle-painting medium and *acrylic paint in a small disposable container or on a paper plate, stirring with a paintbrush. *(available at craft and hobby stores)

Paint your desired design on the candle using an artist’s brush and the acrylic paint mixture. Allow the paint to dry completely before handling or before painting a second color that touches the first.

Making the Wish – Casting the Spell

Once your candle is ready concentrate on your wish and light the candle. If you have a spell written you can read it aloud or you may just want to speak directly to the deity. Be sure to be respectful. Be sure to say please and thank you and don’t forget – so mote it be.


540037_358175120887412_750351423_nNext stop Stormville, NY…

Salem’s Moon will be at the Stormville Antique Show & Flea Market in Stormville, NY on August 30th & 31st. We hope to see you there. We will be showcasing our brand new Wȳscan Candel Kits. (Wȳscan  means Wish in old English.) They come complete with a 7-Day Pull-Out Candle, Stencil, Anointing Oil, Glitters and instructions. Pictures coming soon…

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