Salem’s Moon at the Blueberry Festival…


IMG_1189 Well, here we are at The Blueberry Festival in Ellenville, NY. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in downtown Ellenville and we are so excited to be here! How wonderful to be back where it all began and to see so many old friends. For those of you who follow our blog, but may not know, Ellenville is where it all began for Salem’s Moon back in 2012 when we opened our brick & mortar store on Route 209 just down from McDonald’s. It’s nice to be back.

IMG_9765 We are happy to have the chance to bring you our custom blended Magickal Oils, Incenses, Bath salts, Shea butters, Handmade Floral Crowns, Boxes, Adult and Children’s Wands  and our One of a Kind Spell Kits.



At our booth you will also find jewelry, candles, books, tarot cards, offering bowls, incense burners and oil diffusers, candle snuffers, cauldrons and more.

IMG_3161  IMG_0573

And especially for the Blueberry Festival we have added
Blueberry Essential Oil – Blueberry Bath Salts – Blueberry Shea Butter

Ann & CanalOur booth is near the corner of Canal Street and Ann Street just across the street from from Nu-Design Furniture at 182 Canal St.  The Festival is open from 9AM to 4PM today. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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