Blueberry Magic…

imageBlueberries are edible members of the heath family. They prefer acidic soil and plenty of sunlight and do best on high ground. In America there are two predominant forms of the blueberry bush – the low bush blueberry and the high bush blueberry. Blueberries also come in a variety of sizes from the small “wild” blueberry (or huckleberry) to the larger “cultivated” blueberry we find at the grocer.

As if size was not enough of a disguise, the Blueberry also goes by a variety of names – Blueberry,  Box Huckleberry_2Blueberry, Low Bush Blueberry, Dwarf Bilberry,  Bilberry, Black Whortles, Bleaberry, Bollebar, Bulberry, Huckleberry, Hurtleberry, Hurts, Trackleberry, Whinberry and Whortleberry.  English immigrants related the New World blueberry to their whortleberries: the Danes, to bilberries; the Swedes to their blåbär. People from northern Germany recognized their bickberren; those from southern Germany, blauberren. Later arrivals from Europe, such as the Russians, also had a frame of reference for these berries whose blue reflected the promising blue skies of the New World.

Native Americans held the wild blueberry in very high esteem, due to the fact that the blossom end of each blueberry forms a five points star. It was believed the “Great Spirit” sent these star berries to relieve the hunger of children during a famine.

Blueberry-Tea They also used blueberries for medicinal purposes and made a strong aromatic tea from the root. It was used as a relaxant during childbirth. Early medical books show this same tea was used by wives of settlers during labor. Blueberry juice was used for “old coughs” and tea made from Wild Blueberry leaves was believed to be a good tonic to help purify the blood.

Recently studies have found that blueberry consumption may lower cholesterol. Other studies have shown that wild blueberry juice may benefit the brain, improve memory and learning in older adults, while possibly reducing blood sugar and symptoms of depression.

Blueberries have many applications for your magical work! You may use the fruit whole, crushed, dried or powdered. Because blueberries are a protection herb/fruit they can be added to any protection spell ingredient list or into protection oil and incense as well!  

To keep evil and undesirables away from your property or from entering the home, place blueberries under your doormat.

BabyFeetStompingGrapes Protecting Children: Mash the berries into a pulp and stain your baby’s hands and feet; you can do only the feet if you are worried about public views.  You can even make this into a fun thing for your kids by having them mash the berries with their feet!

Strengthening your Aura & Protecting your Physical Body: Eat the berries on the day or night of a full moon.

Protecting your home: Crush the dried blueberries into a powder and place it under the doormat of your home.

Protecting yourself from Psychic/Emotional Attack: Make a delicious blueberry pie and eat it!  No better spell than this, I’d say!  This gets the blueberries energy into your aura/energy field and boosts its psychic protection. Blueberries embody the esoteric principles of calm acceptance, peace, and a protected environment. For centuries, witches have eaten blueberry tarts when under psychic attack to protect themselves.

Protection Spells: Add the dried berries to protection sachets, lotions, bath salts, incense and oils. Make amulets out of the whole dried berries by gluing them to an already made amulet or stringing them into a necklace, or make protection powder out of the crushed, dried berries.









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