2013 3rd Annual Winternights Festival…

Only 1 week till Winternights Festival – the Seer Oracle is working, vendors include – viking shirts, danish gifts, thors hammer items, scandinavian “chimney” crochet scarves, carved wooden figures, local natural farm products, & more

The Nordic House will be closed from Mon through Sat (Oct 14th > Oct 19th) in preparation for the Winternights Festival on Sunday Oct 20th. Nordic House itself will also technically be closed on the day of the festival, as everything (food, music, events, vendors, etc) will be outside with the store/cafe closed to the public.

Festival Ad and Flyer


Your Runes / ‘yur runes’ cast by ‘yur touch’ plus other learn about runes activities
Learn your Viking name / the names for family members and for your parents/grandparents will be provided so you can be a Viking/ early Norseman for a day
Children’s Club Skansen / a Scandinavian youth folkdance group will be performing in traditional costumes

It like our 2nd festival is not to be missed! It will be held that day rain or shine or snow? It will be family oriented, educational, and fun. Period dress/costume is welcome and encouraged including elves, Valkyrie, and Viking, or old Norse villagers. This event is sponsored by the VernonsOwn Foundation and co-sponsored/hosted by the Vernon Nordic House. Admission is $3 for adults, $2 for Seniors. One dollar goes to pay costs this year, $1 toward the Veterans Cemetery effort, and $1 toward helping another as yet unspecified charity/cause. Children under 12 free. Its also to promote some of our local businesses. We are also looking for people that might be interested in reading poems/stories from them IE -Hávamál / Prose Edda, or perhaps putting on a small show / play IE – Beowolf and or Freya/Dísir/Valkyries.

This festival honors the old ways, our culture, and our ancestors. This year we will continue those traditions with singing, reading poetry and blessings, playing games, giving thanks, and honoring the Gods and other beings that share their worlds with our community(tribes) and the land we are upon.

This year we hope to have our second runestone in place. It will contain the next Aett of the Elder Futhark or Heimdall’s Aett as it is known.

Runestone dedicated to Freya

In part this festival asks for protection against the harshness of winter. In addition to being an annual event in itself, Vetrnaetr will help mark the start of Home4dHolidays each year in Vernon. This website will be updated as more details become available. Any questions please use our contact on this site.

The Nordic House in Vernon, NJ is honored to host this event as a way to share, enjoy, and learn about the Norse culture of the Viking era.


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