candles%20burning%20downMagick is a nebulous term. We’ve looked at definitions of the word, but these don’t really help us to understand exactly what it is. Magick is a “power” of a sort. It is not electrical, although there have been many attempts to measure it as an electrical current, with some claims of success. It is probably closest to electricity in the ways it works, and that certainly serves as an excellent analogy. Electricity is a force which can be used for good or evil. It can bring power to a computer, a television set, lights and heaters, cooking stoves, and even automobiles. It an also be used for electric chairs to execute, for weapons of war, and destruction. So, in itself, electricity is neither good nor evil, and that’s exactly how it is with Magick: It is a powerful force which can be used for good or evil depending upon the Magician.

Magick is energy which can be created by anyone. It is not only certain, special people who can work Magick; we all have the power to change things. Certainly some people seem more able than others to do this, but through practice we all can become expert.

A combination of need and will power is all that is necessary to do Magick. If you ask someone else to work Magick for you – even an accomplished Magician – it is unlikely that he or she will be able to produce the results you could. The reason is that the Magician does not have the personal connection you have – the need for the Magick to succeed. For example, you are out of work and almost out of money. You need some income to put food on the table and keep the roof over your head. You are desperate! You go to a friend of a friend who has some sort of a reputation as a dabbler in the occult. Surely she can help. She listens to your story and promises to work for you, but no luck. Why?

No matter how much she empathizes, this Magician does not have the driving need  you have for the Magick to succeed. If it doesn’t work, you are the one who is homeless and starving; she can simply shrug her shoulders with regret. So, even though you are not the expert, you are the one to do the Magick. You are the one who will put every last ounce of energy into it because your very life is at stake. You will produce more Magick than she through your need and your will power – the will for it to succeed.

Therefore, Magick should be done by the one whom it will affect – the one we call “the Petitioner.””  – Advanced Candle Magick by Ray Buckland



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