Full Moon Ritual…

full moon ritualThe Moon has always held a place of particular fascination in our earthbound lives, provoking the imagination to escape its limits and, as we look outwards, moving us towards an understanding of our inner selves, in all our human complexity. Monuments and shrines have been built to her; calendars follow her motion; ancient Gods and Goddesses mimic the Moon’s gentle and unending pull on the forces of life.

In honor of the moon therefore, we present this Full Moon Ritual – Blessed Be!

Basic Full Moon Ritual

In the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, Sabbats are not the only important times of the year. Each month we are blessed by the presence of the full moon. Ceremonies held to honor the moon and the goddess are called Esbats. This is a monthly time to commune with the goddess, give thanks for everything you have. Spells performed under the light of the full moon are said to be the most powerful.

The ritual presented here can be done in solitary or with a group.
If in a group simply brake up the parts and decide who will act as Priestess and who will act as Priest. If alone simply let the ritual flow.

To perform the ritual you will need:
4 candles in the colors of the elements (Yellow: Air, Red: Fire, Blue: Water, Green: Earth)
2 white tapers (to represent the Goddess and The God) Cakes and Ale (cookies, snack cakes, even candy bars work well. As for the air – soda, grape juice, Kool Aid and milk work, also.)
A flat surface.

If it’s possible do your ritual outside so you can see the moon. If that’s not possible try and do the ritual near a window where you can look out at the moon.
Set the altar up facing east. Place the cakes and ale in the middle, with a white taper on either side. Place the four element candles in the corner of the altar that represents that element.

Light the candles.

Face towards the East and point your finger. See a beam of energy flow from your finger outwards. Imagine that light hovering in the air in front of you, turn in a complete circle while standing in place. See that laser leaving a trail behind you as you go, creating a circle as you turn. Make sure to pass up where you started the circle by a few inches to make sure that it is closed. As you finish see the circle turn into a ball that covers over and under the entire ritual area.
Stomp your foot once and say: “The circle is closed…”

Call Quarters:
Again turn to face the East, raise your hand in salute. As you chant the following, imagine that a gust of yellow wind comes into the circle. “Hail to the spirits that dwell in the East. The power of Air and the gifts of intellect and knowledge. I(we) welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night. Hail and welcome.”
Turn and face each of the directions, salute and chant the following calls for each direction:
imagesCAAYHVJ1 Imagine that a flame spring up in the southern part of the the circle. “Hail to the spirits that dwell in the South. The power of Fire and the gifts of passion and desire. I(we) welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night. Hail and welcome.”
Imagine that a fountain of water springs up in the western part of the the circle. “Hail to the spirits that dwell in the West. The power of Water and the gifts of emotion and cleansing. I(we) welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night. Hail and welcome.”
Imagine that a tree springs up in the northern part of the the circle. “Hail to the spirits that dwell in the North. The power of Earth and the gifts of growth and strength. I(we) welcome you into our circle. Share with us your power, protect and guide us this night. Hail and welcome.”

Turn again to face the East. Hold up both hands as if reaching out to hug someone and call upon the Goddess and God. It doesn’t matter what you say, just say what comes to mind to welcome both Lord and Lady to be apart of the circle. This is the part of the ritual where you talk to the Goddess and the God. Share with them your hopes, your dreams, the things your grateful for. This is the time to build and make stronger your bonds with the divine.
When you have finished what you want to say, pick up the cakes and ale and hold them in front of your. Extend them to the east, then the south, then the west, then the north. Face again the east and then hold them over your head. Imagine the cakes and ale glowing with divine energy. Take a cake and place it on the ground (if outside) or place it on the altar to be taken out side later. If in a group pass the cakes around and each person gets one. Then pour a drink from ale on the ground (if outside) if inside save back a drink for the gods. If in a group pass the ale and each person take a drink. If alone take a cake and drink from the cup.

When finished place the cakes and ale back on the altar. Hold up your arms and cross them across your chest. This is the time to say good bye to the Goddess and God. Again say what comes to mind.

After finishing, turn to the north and salute the direction. Turn clock wise and salute the west, the south and the east. When you turn to the east and salute chant: “Farewell to the powers of the north, the west, the south and the east. Thank you for your presence…Go if you must, stay if you will…Hail and Farewell”. See each of the element representations fading and then disappearing. While still facing the East hold out your finger again and see the ball of energy turning again into a circle. Starting where you began the first time, turn in place counterclockwise and see all the energy being drawn back into your finger. When you again return to the place where you began. Say: “The circle is open but never broken. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again…Blessed Be”. Stamp your foot
The ritual is over. If inside take the offerings outside and put them under a tree or pour them on the ground. Clean up the altar –



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