As you may have guessed, for the next month this blog will be dedicated to matters of love.

The Full Moon Seduction Ritual is a powerful way to help get the one you desire!

figure candles male and female

Just as Jupiter is not the only planet used in financial magick,
Venus is not the only planet that is useful in love magick.  The moon as the planet of intuition and emotion makes it a most excellent planet for seduction and love magick. 
The following ritual is meant to be targeted on someone that you have already met, but have not yet “sealed the deal” with.

Purchase or make yourself a red figurine candle appropriate to the gender of the target.  Write the target’s name on the back of the candle and baptize it in that name so that it represents the target.  If you have an object link to the target, you can lay it on an altar or table that is basking in the light of the full moon.  This is where you will do the spell.  it is best if the moon is bright enough to do the spell with no other lights on.  It is also best performed when you think that the target might be asleep.

Hold the red figure candle in your hands and call your targets name three times out into the night.  Turn your attention to the candle now and use you fascination gaze to empower it as a true representative of your sleeping target.  Take an appropriate condition (spell) oil and begin to work it into the candle.  The trick here is rather than rubbing it away from you or toward you, you will be working the oil into the candle as you would rub oil onto a lover’s body.  Whisper fantasies to it.  If these are fantasies that you know the target has, then they will be even more effective. 
Tell it things you are going to do, and what you want it to do to you.  Enflame yourself with passion as you do this.

When you are finished, place the candle on top of the object link.  Invoke the following:

Oh Luna

Silvery Goddess of gravity and grace

Take hold of the mind of __________

and fill her (or his) thoughts with fervor

Let passion haunt Her (his) dreams

Let infatuation drive her (his) days

Let fancy take till

And lust unfold

Let a tide of desire

Sweep her (him) swiftly toward me

And a flame of yearning

Make her (him) melt before me

So that only my touch

Can soothe her (his) burning

(whisper the name of the target).

Hear me, Hear me.

Light the wick at the head of the candle and let it burn all the way down,melting right onto the material link, and into his or her thoughts.

From: The Sorcerer’s Secrets / Strategies in Practical Magick by Jason Miller


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