Listen to the words of the Dark God, Who was of old called Dis, Hades, Osiris, Hunter and Lord of Shadows:

I am the shadow that is cast by the sun in the brightest of days.  I am the reminder of sudden mortality in the midst of joyous life.  I am the black velvet night where dances the stars and the planets; time everlasting, unperturbed dancer of fiery endings and new beginnings.  I am the Horned Hunter, bow drawn in my hand; gathering the living with my arrows and leading the Wild Hunt.  By my hand are ye lead from this life, that life may continue, for behold!  My mystery lies in the movement of life energy from life unto life, for the reminder that all life feeds on life and that only through death is life found anew.

I am the strength that protects, comforts, gives solace and renewal.  I am the one who stands by the Crone of Transformation, then enters her Tomb for birth through her womb.  Follow my lead and find thy immortality.  Together we shall laugh at the threshold of death passage as awareness awakens, and I shall embrace thee in thy last moments of life.

Remember me on dark moonless nights;  look for my Rade in roiling storm clouds and the clash of bright lightning.  I carry thee to the one who transforms, Dark Mother of all, releaser of strife.  Sing to us thy songs in the tongues of ecstasy, for we understand the music of the soul.  Blow me a kiss from the palm of thy hand when the moon is dark, and I shall smile upon thee, but no kiss shall I return; for my kiss is the final one for all mortal flesh, nepenthe to drink at the end of thy days.


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