Invocations for your SAMHAIN RITUAL


Priestess reads:

Dread Lord of shadows, God of Life, and Giver of Life –

Yet is the knowledge of thee, the knowledge of Death.

Open wide, I pray thee, the Gates through which all must pass.

Let our dear ones who have gone before

Return this night to make merry with us.

And when our time comes, as it must.

Magick Blog 03

O thou the Comforter, the Consoler, the Giver of Peace and Rest,

We will enter thy realms gladly and unafraid;

For we know that when rested and refreshed among our dear ones,

We will be reborn again by thy grace, and the grace of the Great Mother.

Let it be in the same place and the same time as our beloved ones.

And may we meet, and know and remember.

And may we meet again, and know, and remember,

And love them again.

Descend, we pray thee, in thy servant and priest.

Behold, the West is Amenti, the Land of the Dead, to which many of our loved ones have gone for rest and renewal. On this night, we hold communion with them; and as our Maiden stands in welcome by the Western gate, I call upon all of you, my brothers and sisters of the Craft, to hold the image of these loved ones in your hearts and minds, that our welcome may reach out to them.


"There is mystery within mystery; for the resting-place between life and life is also Caer Arianrhod, the Castle of the Silver Wheel, at the hub of the turning stars beyond the North Wind. Here reigns this, in spirit, we call our loved ones. And let the Maiden lead them moving widdershins to the center.
Tor the spiral path inward to Caer Arinarhod leads to night, and rest, and is again the way of the Sun".

Thos you bring with you are truly welcome to our Festival. May they remain with us in peace. And you, O Maiden, return by the spiral path to stand with our brothers and sister; but deosil- for the way of rebirth, outwards from Caer Arianrhod, is the way of the Sun.

FROM: A Witches’ Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar.


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