From Our House to Yours – Happy Thanksgiving…









Thanksgiving Blessing

The sun slowly rises and sparkles through the trees,

on this day I thank the Lord & Lady for the beauty that I see,

Eternally blessed to be a part of this world

and experience the gifts of love and life that around me unfold.

I kneel in silent gratitude give thanks and honor thee,

my ancestors, and the sprits who walked in courageous spirit before me,

Blessings to everyone in this world, may you have the courage to stand and be heard,

to live the life you want and be free, knowing this energy I will bestow upon thee.

On this Thanksgiving, my energy is sent to you tonight, 

May you and your loved ones be blessed with love and light

Jasmeine Moonsong

Product of the Day – Dream Time Bath Salt…

Dream Time Bath Salts

For a peaceful, healing sleep and to encourage creative dreaming indulge yourself by sprinkling a handful or two of Salem’s Moon Dream Time Bath Salts in your bath.

Salem’s Moon uses all natural Dead Sea salt and a combination of Carnation, Sandalwood and Vanilla essential oils to give our Dream Time Bath Salts  a soothing scent.

Properties of the essential oils used in our Dream Time Bath Salt

Carnation – Protection, strength, healing, enhancing magickal powers and achieving balance.

Sandalwood – Helps in healing by aligning the chakras for better energy flow. Good for meditation, healing and manifestation. Facilitates concentration.

Vanilla – Magickal uses include increasing energy and strengthening mental abilities.

Our hand-blended essential oils can be worn, used in an oil diffuser or used to anoint candles, etc.

Product of the Day – Dragon’s Blood Oil…

Dragons BloodOur Dragon’s Blood Oil has an earthy scent that is slightly sweet and spicy warm.

It can be used to increase the potency of spells for protection, love, banishing and sexuality. It can also be used to cleanse a space of negative entities or influences.

Salem’s Moon uses a combination of Musk and Myrrh essential oils to create our version of Dragon’s Blood Oil.

Properties of the essential oils used in our Dragon’s Blood Oil…

Musk – Encourages self-esteem and desirability. Can assist in transmuting sexual love into spiritual connection.

Myrrh – Love, fertility, youth, peace, and money. Carry myrtle leaves to attract love, burn as an incense to bring beauty. Wear myrtle while preparing love spells/mixes to increase their intent. Wear or carry to attract true friendship. Use in sachets to ensure a peaceful and loving atmosphere.

Our hand-blended essential oils can be worn, used in an oil diffuser or used to anoint candles, etc.

Product of the Day – Dragon Magick Oil…

Dragon Magick In Sumerian myth, the body of a dragon was used to create the world. Oils are traditionally used to aid in uncrossing, overcoming hexes or whenever the power of a dragon is needed.

Magickal Oils work through vibrations and scent. The rate of vibration of an oil determines its usage in magick. Scents are connected on a primal level to the unconscious, in Dragons as well as Humans. This sense of smell reacts without your conscious knowledge or will. Tied to memory, scent can bring pleasure, alert one to danger, cause revulsion, and affect health. Every odor that
you perceive causes a chemical reaction in the brain, triggering instincts rather than conscious actions. This is why oils and incense have a prominent place in most magickal operations:
They automatically activate responses, bypassing the reasoning self.

Dragon Guardians and Guides:
Dragons are famous for their fierce protective nature. Though most myths portray Dragons as protectors of great treasures, they have been known to be protectors of people too.
The Dragon serves as a Powerful Guardian and Guide. Once you discover your Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide you should encourage communication, and acknowledge your Dragon’s presence as often as possible, the same as you would with an Animal Spirit Guide or even a Guardian Angel. You will need to let you Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide know that you are now open and willing to listen to any guidance, advice or teaching they wish to impart to you.

One way to do this is to meditate and concentrate upon your Guardian/Guide. Light candles and incense for them, and leave offerings for them upon your altar. Designing a special altar just for your Guardian/Guide is a good idea, a place where you can concentrate your energies towards the Guardian.

Many magick practitioners will surround themselves with imagery of their Guardian/Guide, immersing themselves externally in the energies of the Guardian/Guide. This will help you to draw the Guardian/Guide to you, and will assist you in achieving your connection.
As with any Guardian/Guide, finding your Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide is not the problem. Most likely they are already around you, and in fact may have attempted contact with you in the past. This happens with many different types of Guardians and Guides, we fail to recognize the messages that they are sending us. If this is the case, contact should be easy to obtain once you have let the Dragon know you are ready & willing to connect with them. 

One thing you must remember though, is when you do feel a Dragon in your house it does not mean that it’s “your”Dragon. Sometimes it can take years for a Dragon to decide to be someone’s Guardian/Guide, so just because there is one in your house or one that’s been following you for years, unless he/she tells you otherwise, don’t jump to conclusions and think that you have a Guardian Dragon or a Dragon Guide, it could be there for reason’s of it’s own… Sometimes though, a person can live their entire lives with a Guardian Dragon/Dragon Guide and never know it…

(Just a note: I have been combining Guardian Dragon & Dragon Guide, but I don’t want to give the impression that they are the same thing. These are two completely different Dragons, who perform completely different tasks, the way that you find them & connect with them, however, is the same.)Wicca Dreamers: Dragon Wicca

Salem’s Moon uses a combination of Opium, Allspice, Cinnamon and Amber essential oils to create our Dragon Magick Oil.  A powerful, but strangely compelling sweet scent in which the spices of Opium, Allspice, Cinnamon and Amber combine to create a powerful drawing aroma sure to attract a powerful dragon to your side.

Properties of the essential oils used in our Dragon Magick Oil

Opium– Invisibility, Luck, Money, Visionary Workings.

Allspice – Money, luck, healing, obtaining treasure. Provides added determination and energy to any spells and charms.

Cinnamon – Raises spiritual and protective vibrations, draws money, and stimulate psychic powers..

Amber – Protection from harm, outside influences, and psychic attacks.

Our hand-blended essential oils can be worn, used in an oil diffuser or used to anoint candles, etc.

Product of the Day – Come to Me Oil…

Come to Me

Come To Me Oil is designed to use in love spells that draw a lover of the opposite sex closer. It is usually used when the lover is someone the practitioner knows, but it may also be employed to attract a new or unknown lover, to draw him or her to one “out of the universe,” as it were.

Come to Me Oil is one of a family of related formulas that also includes Love Attraction, Love Healing, Lover Return and Love Uncrossing oils. Each one of these oil recipes is slightly different — some placing emphasis on passion, others on healing a relationship, encouraging love’s return and smoothing over the rough patches in a relationship, but they have in common the underlying aim of enhancing one’s internally generated forces; enabling action upon the external world.  

Come To Me Oil is a powerful attraction oil which will bind a lover to you. Wear on your body to attract that special someone or place a few drops on top of a Come to Me 7 Day candle to enhance its strength.

Salem’s Moon uses a combination of Carnation, Basil and Rue essential oils to create our Come to Me Oil. The scent is a flowery one with top floral notes of Rose and Jasmine, the sweetness of Vanilla and bottom notes of Basil and Rue.

Properties of the essential oils used in our Come to Me Oil

Rose– Protection, strength, healing, enhancing magickal powers, and achieving balance.

Jasmine – Use in sachets and spells to draw spiritual love and attract a soul mate.

Vanilla – Magickal uses include love, lust, passion, and restoring lost energy.

Opium – Fertility, Invisibility, Love, Luck, Money, Relaxation, Visionary Workings.

Our hand-blended essential oils can be worn, used in an oil diffuser or used to anoint candles, etc.

Product of the Day – Banishing Oil…

Banishing Banishing oil is traditionally used to help maintain concentration while attempting to get rid of annoying habits, harmful people, unhealthy situations and negative energy that you do not need. It is also used to take care of blocking undesirable visitors.

Banishing Oil is not a jinxing oil. It merely gets rid of any negative influence that may be affecting you. It can also remove hexes, spells and curses. If someone is trying to send you a negative energy, you can send it right back their way! It also a great oil to work in divination rituals.

Mostly we think of banishing as ridding oneself of the negativity around us, however our own fear of the unknown (even shyness) is also a form of negative energy.

There are many methods for using Banishing Oil. All natural objects and substances contain energy. And the energy contained in these substances is attuned to certain properties. Some of them are very powerful and can transfer this power to you for use in your spell casting and magick work.

Oils are particularly well suited for this purpose. Certain oils have powerful properties that can enhance and magnify the effect of your magick spells. You can use oils for healing, banishing, cleansing, empowering, and attracting among other things. You can easily increase the magick power even more by adding compatible power enhancing herbs and crystals to your oils. This is an extremely powerful technique when casting spells and doing magick work.
It is very easy to harness the power of oils to enhance and magnify your spells. You can do this in several ways;

  • Using gloves, rub the oil into a spell candle
  • Perfume your ritual work space with the essential oil
  • Anoint an object by putting a dab of oil on it.
  • Put a bit of the oil in a diffuser and allow the fragrance to permeate the room
  • Add a bit of essential oils into candles you make yourself

Always use caution when working with essential oils. Know what substances you are allergic to and avoid those essential oil blends that contain any substance to which you are allergic. All Salem’s Moon essential oils are labeled with their ingredients, please check the label and/or description on the website to be sure the oil is safe for your own personal use.

Salem’s Moon uses a combination of Carnation, Basil and Rue essential oils to create our Banishing OilThe scent is a savory one with top notes of carnation and bottom notes of Basil and Rue.

Properties of the essential oils used in our Banishing Oil

Carnation – Protection, strength, healing, enhancing magickal powers, and achieving balance.

Basil – Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears & weakness. Drives off hostile spirits. Carry to move forward in a positive manner despite perilous danger. Strewn on floors to provide protection from evil.

Rue – Magickal uses include healing, health, mental powers, freedom and protection against the evil eye. Use for removing negativity from the home.

Our hand-blended essential oils can be worn, used in an oil diffuser or used to anoint candles, etc.